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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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mr. diaz-balart. mr. diaz-balart: independent payment advisory board was created and this board gives 15 unelected superbureaucrats to slash access to care and forces providers to stop seeing medicare patients. the house passed legislation this year with bipartisan support repealing this board by a rather large margin. you see both agree that allowing a panel of bureaucrats in washington to make these critical health care decisions instead of patients and families to make those decisions is not the way way to keep our promises. for those reasons and many thers, this reconciliation package will repeel that. mr. cole: i want to focus on
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strong boinch support and plans that are deemed too dangerous. this would include plans which $10,250 nefits about for individuals. a recent survey anticipates one third of employers would face this by 2018. plans s to less generous from employers, the exact on soist what the affordable health care plan was supposed to accomplish. republicans have a bill to repeal this tax with 106 co-sponsors. democrats have a bill to repeal this tax with 143 democratic co-sponsors. even democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton supports repealing this tax. i encourage my colleagues to support this sensible provision which serves to provide consumers with inferior health care at higher prices.
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mr. price: i yield one minute to mr. mcclintock. mr. mcclintock: i share the ranking member's disappointment that it doesn't implement the entire budget and i'm glad that he's disappointed that we're not implementing the entire budget. i think that's a huge, huge improvement and real progress. but baby steps are better than no steps. the reconciliation bill repeal os ba macare and its individual mandate, that's a good thing, it's a good reason to support the reconciliation act. coerces healthy young people into paying exorbitant premiums to underwrite older, sicker patients. if they don't pay that exorbitant premium, we tax them to death while still requiring
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them to pay back their federal student loans. that's a good thing to do on policy grounds. mr. price: i yield two minutes to the gentlelady from tennessee, mrs. black. mrs. black: i'm pleased to speak on a provision that's dear to my heart, language placing a one-year moratorium on the payments to prohibited entities such as planned parenthood. i know some of my colleagues across the aisle refuse to watch the videos implicating planned parenthood in trafficking videos. perhaps they haven't seen this, independent forensic report confirming the authenticity, but i have. i believe by not offering a response, we in kuok would be shirking our duties the people have sent us here to represent. that's why this reconciliation package places a one-year moratorium on the funding to select abortion providers like planned parenthood and instead
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redirects those dollars to more than $13,500 community health centers across the country. as you may know, i'm a registered nurse and i wouldn't support legislation that would block access to preventive care so my colleagues should know that this measure actually increases the funding for community health centers by $235 million. as members of this committee know, i una-- i am unapologetically pro-life but all of us should want to do everything in our power to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent with integrity and not doled out to entities that skirt the laws. this is not a political statement. this is quite literally our job here in congress. and on this committee in particular. we have a real and -- we have real and legitimate questions about activities and planned parenthood. until those questions are answered, it is fully appropriate to call time out on taxpayer funding and to send that money to federally qualified providers that offer a
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better standard of care to women who need it the most. that is exactly what this provision in the reconciliation package will accomplish. i urge this committee to prioritize women's health over the interests of a scandal-ridden, politically aligned abortion giant and to support the reconciliation bill with the language included. thank you and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the ntlelady is reck please -- mr. price: i'm pleased to yield to the gentlelady from tennessee, mrs. blackburn. mrs. blackburn: thank you. i want to commend the gentlelady for her work on this issue. let me start where she left off, talking about community health centers. this is not a reduction in funds it's a repositions in funds. quite frankly it puts the money where people need it to deliver the care when it comes to women's health. it really gets to addressing the issue of access. we talk a lot about access. and having the services where
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people need the services. i think it's so important to note that for every one planned parenthood center that is in the country, there are 13 community health centers. and you take a district like mine, there is no planned parenthood facility and you've got 16 of the community health centers. so it gives you an idea of the breadth and expansion of access when you're looking at about 10,000 of these community health enters around the country. also our community health centers, with the increase as planned parenthood reduced their services through the years and community health centers have seen the increase, they see 21.1 million patients each and every year. and that's eight times the number seen by planned parenthood system of this is a repositioning of those funds to the centers where the money is going to meet the greatest need and do the most good.
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now the other provision that mrs. black mentioned is the investigation that is going on. yes, indeed. it's important to realize planned parenthood is a not for profit. they're not a federal agency. they're a not for profit. any not for profit that increased their request, but also had decreased or cut in half their services over the last seven year which is what planned parenthood has done, we'd call them in and want to know what they were doing with the funds. so it's important we do the review and while they are under review, that we make certain that the funds are not going to them and with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: i thank the gentlelady. the gentleman from south carolina is recognized for one minute. -- mr. price: i thank the gentlelady. the gentleman from south carolina is recognized for one minute. >> you can see -- mr. stutzman: you can see
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president barack obama has issued more mandates than any president since lyndon johnson. he's at 120,000 mandates and regulations. next slide, please. folks trying to get to the middle class, and living on the edge, under the affordable care act, they can get free government health insurance. of course it might be an insurance policy they can't use buzz of the high deductibles but they can get free government health insurance. the problem is they can't get a job. if you look at these mandates and regulations and you see the effect on this slide for the last five years, business startups have been outpaced by business closings. for the first time in eight years. you think all these regulations don't matter, look at the facts. look at the slide. more businesses are closing than being formed in this country. yeah, they might get free government health insurance. of course it's insurance they
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usually can't use, but they can't get a job. mr. price: i thank the gentleman. the gentleman from indiana is recognized. mr. stutzman: as a in esentative of indiana, fact, indiana is the second in the nation in exports of life science products and across the state over 20,000 hoosiers are directly employeed by the medical device industry alone. companies like depew and cook medical are developing life changing and lifesaving innovations for our country and for the world. the impact on our communities and neighbors is one of the reasons i have fought so hard to repeal this destructive tax on the joints, knees, hips that increases patient's quality of life. the hard working hoosiers in my state know tax eags doesn't create jobs, it kills them. in fact a recent study has shown
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that the medical device tax has cost more than 33,000 jobs nationally so far. repealing obamacare and importantly the medical device tax is a commonsense reform. i urge my colleagues to support this very important legislation. mr. price: thank the gentleman. pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from virginia, mr. brat. mr. brat: the reconciliation proposal approved would repeal section 1511 of obamacare known as the auto enrollment mandate this mandate requires, that's the keyword, employers with more than 200 employees to automatically enroll full-time employees into employer-sponsored health care coverage if the employee fails to choose another employer plan or declined coverage. concerns are raised that it will create unnecessary confusion for workest and employers and result in penalties for those already enrolled in health insurance coverage. for example, a veteran is hired and insured under tricare this
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man tate would force his employer to enroll him in duplicative and costly health care, deducting money from his hard-earned paycheck, to pay for potentially worse coverage that he or she already has. force, coercion, top-down. that's obamacare no freedom for free markets here. by eliminating this provegs, we an help rein in deficits and debt. i find it ironic the ranking member is so concerned with deficits and debt when we're approaching $420 billion this year, debt of $19 trillion and the other side has not made one proposal since i've been here for the last yaoer to rein in those issues. these are important priorities for the american people and we can achieve both by repealing an obamacare mandate known as auto enrollment. thank you and i yield back. mr. price: thank the gentleman. pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from arkansas, mr. westerman.
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mr. westerman: thank you, mr. chairman. this budget repeals the prevention and public health fund this fund is quite simply just a slush fund, it's an example of a slush fund created by obamacare that funnels billions of dollars automatically and the fund never expires. under current law the administration receives $1 billion per year with little oversight. so what does this administration do with a $1 billion per year slush fund? you might think they'd give toyota c.d.c. to use it to work on early detection, prevens and treatment for cervical cancer or for immunizations, flu vaccines or many other useful and worthy efforts. but no, they use the fund, according to what the committee on energy and commerce has uncovered, they use it to promote pickle ball, free pet neutering and for massage herapy, kick boxing and zumba.
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investigators have linked it to use of lobbies by the administration. if that wasn't enough, the c.d.c. was allocated taxpayer dollars to award grants for wellness efforts but these funds were used to run ads attacking and singling out legal american products and industries which the administration claimed contributed to bad health. mr. speaker, mr. chairman, no government agency should receive american taxpayer dollars to advertise against american made products. i yield back. mr. price: i thank the gentleman and thank my colleagues for pointing out the remarkable challenges the american people are having now with this law. nd that's why we gather today. in this reconciliation process. to put forward a piece of legislation that recognizes and respects the principles of health care. the current law makes health care less affordable for the american people. the current law makes health
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care less accessible for the american people. the current law harms the quality of health care for the american people. the current law decreases innovation in the health care arena and thereby -- arena, thereby decreasing the quality of care being provide to the american people. the current law destroys choices that are so necessary for patients and families and doctors. those individuals that ought to be in charge of health care, not our federal government. so i commend my colleagues for their observations and appreciate their support for this piece of legislation. and that concludes the majority general debate timeful i yield 20 minutes to the ranking member, va van hollen and ask unanimous consent he be authorized to yield such time. without objection, so ordered. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. speaker. interested in your characterization, probably a majority of the members of this committee get their health care through the affordable care act. and go on exchanges. i haven't noticed the government telling me what plan to get.
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and, you know, i would hope we would extend access to affordable care to the 16 million americans who now have it who didn't. i yield two minutes to mr. yarmuth. mr. yarmuth: thank you, mr. van hollen. i'm glad the chairman mentioned that. this is getting to be a groundhog day debate and the good thing about that is you don't have to prepare for those kind of debates, you're done them so many times. rhyme happy to repeat the impact of the affordable care act in kentucky. under the a.c.a. in kentucky, more than 520,000 individuals have acquired coverage they didn't have before. we have reduced the uninsured rate in kentucky by more than 50%, one of the best impacts in the country, in my district in -- in the country. in my district new york louisville, kentucky, three, we've reduced it by 81%. there are fewer than 21,000 people in my district without health insurance. that's a phenomenal record. more importantly than that --
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maybe not more importantly but equally important is the governor of kentucky asked the deloit accounting foirm do a study of the impact of the a.c.a. on kentucky between 2015 and 2020. they came back and said it would create 42,000 new jobs, $38 billion in increased economic activity and would have a pass to -- positive impact on the kentucky state budget of $820 million. the a.c.a. is working in kentucky, it's working many places throughout this country and to take the 60-something attempt to repeal and not replace, just repeal, would be a tragedy for this country. definitely a tragedy for the commonwealth of kentucky. yield back. mr. van hollen: i yield 2 1/2 minutes to mr. pascrell of new jersey. mr. pascrell: thank you, mr. ranking member, plmp. under the affordable care act
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which is ock -- which has occupied three quarters of our conversation so far even though we're talking about the total budget, but i guess that's immaterial. under the a.c.a., children can no longer be denied coverage aws of a -- because of a pre-existing condition. the a.c.a. expanded coverage for kids aging out of foster care, it allows children to receive oral and vision coverage in support -- as a part of their business plans. this is what you're trying to take away. this is only one issue concerning the a.c.a. just one issue. so you can pontificate all you want about what this costs and what that costs, what is your plan? what is your idea of addressing just one part of what this legislation deals with? you have no plan. because you think that that should be done either in the private sector or you think that should be done with people's income, even those who cannot
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afford it. i urge my colleagues, focus on the funding. the government. funding is government. and the priorities that the american people care about. you know, when the president introduced his budget in february, he said something very interesting and i want to impose on this point, mr. chairman, there's a lot oto the -- to talk about but he talked about reversing mindless austerity. i think you were recuperating from the -- from the financial problems. returning to the mindless austerity of sequestration in 2016 would bring discretionary funding to its lowest level adjusted for inflation since 2006. the budget proposes to end sequestration. fully reversing it for domestic priorities in 2016. that's the president's budget. not your budget. matched by equal dollar increases. for program integrity measures.
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for commonsense loophole closures. including targeted reforms to crop insurance programs. program integrity investments across a range of programs. and closing the carried interest loophole we have been talking about since 2006. i yield back, mr. chairman. hearing g tired of this redo every time we meet. mr. van hollen: mr. chairman, i yield 2 1/2 minutes to mr. mcdermott. mr. mcdermott: thank you. mr. chairman, i ask unanimous consent that the article i distributed in the committee from "the seattle times request -- "the seattle times," how loss gton performed after of mandates be inserted into the record. mr. price: without objection. mr. mcdermott: this reminds me of the after rhythm that those who cannot -- of the aforism
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that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. this is only a partial dismantling of the law. most importantly it leaves in place the guaranteed issue which requires insurers to cover all americans regardless of their health status while it keeps in place this morse important consumer protection, it repeals the individually shared responsibility provision which mandates that all americans main tane minimal essential coverage. i can't help but wonder if the republican colleagues checked with the insurance companies before they thought of this idea. if they had, they would have heard in no uncertain terms that this is a recipe for disaster. i know this firsthand because of what happened in my home state of washington. 1993, when the washington state legislature enacted an ambitious health care reform program that closely resembled the affordable care act. it included strong consumer protections such as a ban on medical underwriting and
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guaranteed issue requirements for all insurance company, these were paired with mandates that included individual purchase coverage and businesses cover their employees. this created a delicate balance that ensured that consumers were protected from abuses by the insurance industry and that the industry could spread risk broadly across the entire population. but when the republicans took over the legislature in 1994, they repealed the individual mandate which we're doing today while leaving in place the pop particular consumer protections including guaranteed issue, which we're doing today this led to a statewide catastrophe. without the individual mandate, consumers had no economic incentive to enroll when they were healthy. instead, they would simply wait until they needed care to buy coverage. this led to a death spiral in the insurance industry. across the state, premiums skyrocketed, fewer and fewer companies offered policies, and by 1999, the individual
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insurance market was dead. you could not buy a policy. washington learned the lesson the hard way. you simply cannot require insurance companies to cover people without an individual mandate. but the reconciliation bill we're doing ignore this is fact. we -- all of us know that this will never become law, what we're doing here today. in the future i would encourage my republican colleagues to look to history before wasting any more time on bad bills like this one. i yield back the balance of my time. mr. van hollen: i yield 2 1/2 minutes to ms. lee of california. ms. lee: thank you for yielding. judging by the reconciliation bill, it seems once again that our republican colleagues fail to realize that the american people do not want to shut down government over women's health. yet they once again put forth legislation that attacks women's health and the affordable care
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act. this reconciliation bill once again would defund planned parenthood for one year, preventing millions of women from accessing critical health services such as cancer and s.d.i. screenings and contraceptive care. it would prevent states from using or receiving federal funds for reimbursing federal providers because they provide abortion services as part of their practice even if those services are provided outside of their participation in the federal health care program. outside of their participation. this means the federal payments under programs like medicaid and the maternal and child health services block grants would immediately be disrupted, leaving countless low income women, women of color, out in the cold. these family planning programs are critical to reducing unintended pregnancies and they make economic sense too. for every $1 spent on family planning services, we save more than $7 in other costs.
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the coins -- the claims of our republican colleagues that women can go to other community health centers that receive funding in this bill, that claim has not -- this has been discredited by public health officials. it's just down right false. we would be sending women to providers who we know would not have the capacity to meet the needs created by eliminating funding for family planning and other women's health care providers. although planned parenthood centers make up only 10% of all publicly funded planning centers, family planning centers, they serve 36% of clients who obtain care from the family planning center network. we know that planned parenthood centers are essential to the health and well being of women and their families. in 2013 alone, planned parenthood provided health care services to more than 800,000 californians in my home state and provided more than 93,000 ap tests and 97,000 breast
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exams denying access to health care providers such as planned parenthood and other social safety net providers will hurt women who need these services most. again, low income women and women of color. we need to call this reconciliation bill what it is. yet another ideological attack on women's health. you won't support comprehensive sex education, you won't support family plan, won't support contraception and don't support a woman's right to safe and legal abortion. instead of continuing to undermine women's health care and access to a full range of reproductive health services we should be working to replace this damaging sequester and work toward a responsible, long-term budget deal. i urge our colleagues to reject this underlying bill and yield back the balance of my time. mr. van hollen: i yield two and a half minutes to mr. pocan.
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mr. pocan: a lot of us will be going home today, one of the things i look forward to is going home and seing my dog. i think i have a picture, there he is right there. that's one of his favorite toys. he's got that canine single minded obsession with return that toy to me every time i throw it, no matter how wet it gets, no matter how chude up it get, he will return it, seems like just about no matter how many times i throw it. but even he wouldn't probably bring that back to me on the 61st or 62nd time because he knows at that point it's pointless. the bill we have before us is exactly that. it's pointless. it's never going to become law. but it does show the priorities of the majority party. you'd increase the number of uninsured and raise premiums. take away the ability to not have pre-existing conditions and all the other factors. i think something we have to
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learn from perhaps the presidential race on both sides, whether you watch donald trump and ben carson or senator sanders on our side, they're largely running against us. the way we operate in washington, the way we don't operate in washington is largely the message that is appealing to the public because they are tired of our inability to get together and actually have a budget process with appropriation bills that get done and we don't shut down government. but somehow the people within the beltway in the majority party don't understand that. i would just hope as we look at something like this, that's clearly not going to become law, but once again would show you're going to repeal without replacing the affordable care act, millions of people would lose access to their health care and put us closer to government shutdown is absolutely not what the public wants. and if you are looking for a speaker candidate, he is available. but he comes at a high price.
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i'll yield back my time. mr. van hollen: mr. moulton, 2 1/2 minutes. mr. mowl ton: thank you, mr. -- mr. moulton: thank you, mr. van hollen, thank you, mr. chairman. i'd like to start my time with a definition we attribute to one of america's greatest scientists, albert einstein. he said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. were einstein alive today, and he could witness the debate we are having on this reconciliation proposal, he would be able to see his definition of insanity in action. we are here today to debate and vote on a bill that would do the following things. attempt to repeal, defund or otherwise undermine the affordable care act for the 61st time despite it being upheld by the supreme court.
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attack yet again the right for a woman to choose where she receives her health care. and avoid, yet again, the misuse and abuse of the overseas contingency operation fund which in last year's house budget report the majority stated was, quote, a backdoor loophole that undermines the integrity of the budget process. therefore, it baffles me that at a time when we should be coming together to negotiate a plan to replace the damaging sequester and avoid a government shutdown, we are here debating a highly partisan p a challenge in the senate and ultimately be vetoed by the president. what's the point? americans would be better served if instead of wasting our time on the futile crusade, republicans would join democrats in crafting a bipartisan deal
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that could move our country forward and avoid yet another government shutdown in december. i yield back. mr. van hollen: thank minutes t mr. yarmuth: thank you for yielding. i want to address the planned parenthood issue for a minute. we did this in the energy and commerce committee and i think there are some important points to be made. one is, if this congress had disagreed with the issue of fetal tissue research then they probably wouldn't have authorized it about 20 years ago. if congress wants to reconsider that decision as to whether fetal tissue research is appropriate or not, we should do that. but we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater and that is a pun that's intended. 97% of planned parenthood clinics don't do fetal tissue
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research, don't make tissue available for fetal tissue research. i'm a former board member of planned parenthood in my district. my clinic in louisville, kentucky, doesn't do abortion. what this voprigs -- provision would do to my district is deprive 5,000 people a year of their health care. i know the argument is they can go to community health centers. our community health centers already have waiting lists. those 5,000 people would have nowhere to go. so let's talk about the issues separately. his bill really, its impact is to deny important, basic health care to literally millions of women throughout the -- and men throughout the united states. if you want to debate fetal tissue research, let's debate it separately but let's not deny health care to millions of women because of that. yield back. mr. van hollen: mr. chairman, i want to amplify on that. i mention earlier the statement
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that mr. chaffetz made on national television indicating that after his investigations he found there was no evidence that planned parenthood had broken any laws. he was just asked, made a statement yesterday at a judiciary committee where he said and i quote, did i look at the finances and have a hearing specifically as to the revenue portion and how they spend? yes. was there any wrongdoing? i did not find any. so this whole creation of special committees is clearly another witch hunt. we saw what happened with respect to benghazi. there were committee hearings in the house, in the senate, the defense committee, the intelligence committee here. defense committee, intelligence committee in the senate. all of them looked at that very tragic, awful situation in benghazi and found no wrongdoing. so what did we see in the house? when you didn't get the answer that you wanted politically, you
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created a special committee. and the majority leader of the house just said on national television, you know, that committee did its job. it brought downhillry clinton's poll ratings. we achieved our political result. spending $5 million in tax money, taxpayer money, on a political witch hunt. and this planned parenthood special committee is the same thing. again, all the committees of this house have looked at it as have many states. conclusion -- they didn't break the law. no wrongdoing. what do you do? create another special committee. to look for a political answer that you want that is not there. so i would end these witch hunts. this really is, mr. chairman this effort to repeal othe affordable care act, it's not going anywhere. the president is going to veto the bill. the president, the effort to go after planned parenthood again, it's not going to be successful. no finding of any kind of
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wrongdoing and they provide essential health services. what we should be focused on is the business before this house. that will be the subject of my next motion. so thank you. mr. price: the gentleman yields back. we will now proceed with reporting the restore americans' freedom and health care reconciliation to the house. before we vote on reporting the bill i want to remind members, the committee will consider up to two motions to accept changes after it is ordered reported. the clerk will report the title of the measure to be reported. caller: a bill to provide for reconciliation pursuant to s.con.res. 11, the budget for fiscal year 2016. mr. price: i recognize the gentleman, mr. rokita, for a motion to report it to the house. mr. rokita: i move that the committee order reported the restoring americans' health care
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freedom reconciliation act of 2015 with recon -- recommendation that the bill do pass. is rice: the motion is -- to have the bill reported favorably to the house. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. mr. van hollen: i ask for a recorded vote. mr. price: the clerk will call the role. caller: mr. rokita. mr. rokita, aye. mr. garrett, mr. garrett, aye. mr. diaz-balart: mr. diaz-balart, aye. mr. cole. mr. cole, aye. mr. mcclintock. mr. mcclintock, aye. mrs. black. mrs. black, aye. mr. woodall. mr. woodall, aye. mrs. blackburn. mrs. blackburn, aye. mrs. hartzler. mrs. hartzler, aye. mr. rice. mr. rice, aye.
5:36 pm
mr. stutzman. mr. stutzman, aye. mr. san frd. -- mr. sanford. mr. buchanon. mr. buchanan. aye. mr. womack. mr. womack, aye. mr. brat. mr. brat, aye. mr. blum. mr. blum, aye. mr. mooney. mr. mooney, aye. mr. grothman. mr. grothman, aye. mr. palmer. mr. palmer, aye. mr. moolenaar. mr. moolenaar, aye. mr. westerman. mr. westerman, aye. mr. van hollen. mr. van hollen, no. mr. yarmuth. mr. yarmuth, no. mr. pascrell. mr. pascrell, no. mr. ryan. mr. ryan, no. ms. moore. ms. moore, no. ms. castor. ms. castor, noment mr. mcdermott.
5:37 pm
mr. mcdermott, no. ms. lee. ms. lee, no. mr. pocan. mr. pocan, no. ms. lujan grisham. mrs. dingell. mr. lieu. mr. norcross. mr. norcross, no. mr. moulton. mr. moulton, no. mr. chairman. mr. chairman, aye. mr. price: are there any members who haven't voted or wish to change their vote? if not, the clerk will report. caller: mr. chairman, on that vote the ayes have 21, the noes are 11. mr. price: the ayes are 21, the noes are 11, the motion is agreed to, the restoring americans' health care freedom
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reconciliation act is ordered to the house. a quorum is present. the gentleman, mr. rokita. mr. rokita: i move that on the measure just reported the chairman be able to go to conference, number two, that the staff be authorized to make any necessary technical and conforming changes prior to filing the bill such as inserting the short tiflet the bill and number three, the motion to reconsider be laid on the table. mr. price: without objection, so ordered. with the bill favorably reported to the house, i ask unanimous nsent that the committee entertain two minutes. the proponent and opponent will each be allowed to yield time. without objection, ordered. is there a motion. >> there is, mr. chairman. mr. price: i recognize the gentleman from maryland, mr. van
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hollen. mr. van hollen: i move that the committee -- mr. price: the clerk will report the motion. loip mr. van hollen moves that the committee on the budget that the rule for consideration of the reconciliation bill made in order -- make in order an amendment which would one strike the underlying text which is an irresponsible attack on women's health care and the affordable care act and replace it with h.r. 308 for the spending caps of 2016 o raises the defense and nondefense discretionary caps by equal ma'ams ott president's requested levels to allow appropriations actions to proceed and fund essential services at necessary levels. mr. price: the gentleman is recognized for eight minutes and then two minutes to close. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. chairman. as i said at the outset of the
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committee markup, rather than working to repeal the affordable care act for the, whatever, 61st time, and roll back important protections for women's health, we really should be focused on some of the pressing issues of the country, including making sure that we don't see a government shutdown in the middle of december. so what this motion does is say that we should adopt or make in order legislation to prevent the goth shutdown. it would create a bicameral and bipartisan fwoshting group to prevent the caps from continuing to erode military readiness and negatively impact our investment in our economy and education, scientific research and if that committee is not able to accomplish that, it would keep the government open at the funding levels necessary to accomplish those objectives. very straightforward. let's give the country peace of mind that we're not going to see
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a government shutdown in the middle of december and with that, i yield 2 1/2 minutes to mr. ryan. mr. ryan: i thank the gentleman. for the opportunity here. i want to just kind of go through this. i think, we all know what's going on in washington the last fedes and we know there are some big divides between the two parties and i would just like to speak to the -- how the budget kind of interfaces with what's going on out in the world and we have these black and white arguments of all governments or no government and we all know, those of us who sit on the budget committee, that there's a very delicate interplay between the public investments we are charged with making and private sector investments that can enhance and grow the economy. but they're both needed.
5:42 pm
and the budget is where the rubber meets the road. we have to do things here that the private sector can't do. or won't do. or doesn't want to do. or can't make money off of. because there's no profit involved. so we've got to make these public investments to help protect our people, but we also have to make public investments that are going to help grow the economy. and this budget under sequestration is devastating, and the reason why we don't see economic growth, we're not seing the kind of job creation that we need to see is because we're stumbling all over ourselves here, we've moved away from the strategy we have in this country from post-world war ii up until recent history where the anti-government folks, and many are in this room have the chaplain:ed the narrative of the country. and so we see in this budget, for example, the cuts to education, below the 2015 levels, $2.8 billion.
5:43 pm
we see with infrastructure, $1.2 billion less than the -- what the president wanted. tiger grants to help, we have one in my district that just with $20 million led to $140 million in other investments from the other public entities and the private sector to create jobs. we hear about how vets can't get their health care. no one can make money providing health care to veterans, so the government had to step in and do it. we see the republican bill provides $1.4 billion less than the president requested. we'll have many people in congress talking about how vets deserve the best, vets need health care, they're not getting their appointments in time and here we have a budget, $1.4 billion. cuts to safety forces, cuts to the programs, cuts to public health and this is the kicker and i'll yield back my time, $6.7 billion for innovations are being rescinded. this is in the health care delivery system.
5:44 pm
this -- these investments led to 17% decline in hospital acquired conditions between 2010 and 2013 and we're gutting the very things that are saving lives and saving money. we need to wake up. i yield back. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. ryan. does anybody else on the committee want to say a few words on -- ms. lujan grisham. ms. lujan grisham: thank you. hard to top my colleague, congressman ryan about the issues we're fatesing in day-to-day, life-saving health care. coming from a district with a v.a. hospital with the highest waiting list and a whole series of other access issues, both in the new personal choice program and in the program before we initiated another $17 billion for v.a. services. i want to go back to the basics.
5:45 pm
i still represent one of the most impoverished states in the country. 22% of adults and 31% of children are living in poverty. it's the second highest rate in the nation. at the same time, we're frankly fortunate to have two national labs, four military bases and lentiful natural resources meaning the federal government has a major presence in the state. as a result, frankly new york state depends more on congress doing its job than my state. but new mexico's been hurt over and over again. frankly, we're crippled by congressional dysfunction. this indiscriminate, job-killing sequester cuts, short-term continuing resolutions and the threat of continuing government shutdowns make it impossible, absolutely impossible for my state to recover. we can't grow a tax base, can't create jobs. while the national unemployment rate is down to 5.1%, the rate s increased in my state to
5:46 pm
6.7%. government employment fell by 2,200 jobs i since last year and the construction job has lost 2,000 jobs. our contractors, all small businesses, mostly small businesses, they do everything from the most sensitive national security operations to routine maintenance of federal facilities, they're particularly vulnerable. this dysfunctional budget process creates uncertainty for these small businesses and it's reduced theirable to invest and create jobs and many of them have closed. on the nondefense side, because many new mexico communities are impoverished, federal spending cuts have hit us particularly hard and has made it, as i said before, impossible to recover from the recession. here's a stark example. more than 2/3 of children come from low income families. firely a quarter of new mexicans rely on snap. during the past year we've seen a 19% increase in snap cases at a time when sequestration, again
5:47 pm
threatness drastic cuts. i think we should govern responsibly. we should pass the timely budget that makes targeted investments lift families like the one i represent -- ones i represent out of poverty and creates jobs. i support this motion because it force misrepublican colleagues and democrats to work to repeal the sequestration, which has harm sod many new mexicans and so much of this country. yield back. mr. van hollen: i thank my colleague. in closing i would say the congressional budget office has told us, the budget committee, that these sequester levels of investment in defense and nondefense are slowing down economic growth over the next couple of years. and i can't imagine why we would deliberately do something that actually slows down economic growth in this country. let's pass this legislation, get rid of the uncertainty prorkvide stability and economic growth. thank you, mr. chairman. mr. price: thank you. the jell will be recognized for
5:48 pm
two minutes after the majority rebuts the points made on this motion. i claim time in opposition. this motion really has nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with the underlying bill. it doesn't meet the requirement of the reconciliation instructions, which require the committees of jurisdiction find at least $1 billion in direct savings, mandatory savings. those are the commofse ways and means, energy and commerce, energy and work force this motion does not do that. instead this substitute would in fact raise the deficits by billions of dollars and includes policies that stray far beyond the jurisdiction of the underlying committee. so this motion really is not a reconciliation bill and i urge my colleagues to oppose the otion. i'm pleased to yield two minutes to the gentleman from georgia, mr. woodall. mr. woodall: i'm glad you took the motion on in terms of its
5:49 pm
merits. i'll take it on in terms of emotional, i've lost count of how many times we say, we need to come together and craft a solution. what d does -- what does this motion do? it takes the biggest bipartisan agreement we've passed in 4 1/2 years since i've been in congress and calls on us to renegotiate that because folks don't like the deal they got. then it says if we can't do that, let's just quit and raise spending for everybody. it is unbelievable. this is the budget committee, for pete's sake. this is a bipartisan committee with thoughtful people on both sides of the aisle and our idea of progress is to talk about working together, but then to come back and try to undo the deal we did last time we worked together. folks if we're going to do this, it's going to be hard. it's going to be hard and it's going to gorern's ox. we're getting to the hard part now.
5:50 pm
voting to do something together in august, 2011, that was the easy part. coming together now and sticking with what we agreed to do in 2011, that is the hard part. and this motion begins the process of unraveling all of that bipartisanship. we can do better than that, mr. chairman. we must do better than that. i urge rejection of this motion and i yield back. mr. price: i thank the gentleman. i'm pleased to yield two minutes to the gentleman from alabama, mr. palmer. mr. palmer: thank you, mr. chairman. contrary to claims that obamacare is compassionate to health care law further entrenches a superstruck their -- structure that penalizes work for americans. we see the negative effects of this government bureaucracy that restricts freedom and imposes on the american people. while everyone can agree we must reduce the cost of health care and remove the barriers to access, obamacare is not the solution. it's time for congress to repeal
5:51 pm
it. this substitute would leave all the most damaging provisions of obamacare intact including the individual mandate which oerses americans to purchase a private product they may not want, need or can afford to pay for. and it creates an individual mandate penalty. a lot of people experience that when they file their taxes this year. obamacare requires employers with 50 or more full-time workers, defined as a minimum of 30 hours a week, to either offer goth-approved health care or pay a penalty. as a consequence, thousand and thousands of companies have refused to hire that 50th employee. there's a huge amount of evidence that employers are cutting workers' hours below the 30-hour threshold. the first nine months of last year, nearly five million people were no longer receiving employer-sponsored coverage. the medical device tax, which has resulted in employment
5:52 pm
reductions of 14,000 workers in that industry and has already been repealed by the full house on a bipartisan basis in the last three congresses. and the independent payment advisory board which allows an unelected board of 15 bureaucrats to slash provider reimbursements and stre incompetent -- restrict seniors' access to health care. the gentleman, mr. rice, of south carolina made the point about how obamacare and other regulations are harming our economy. i just want to point out, mr. chairman, that last year, regular rations cost the economy over $2 trillion. as a disproportionate impact on small business. large business was paying an average of $7,700 per employer for regulatory cost. small business was paying $12,000. small business is the single largest provider of jobs in this country and we're killing small business. as mr. price pointed out, last year, there were -- he didn't give the number but there were
5:53 pm
70,000 more companies closed than started. 19 s the first time since -- since 19 h -- since the carter administration. prior that to the that there were 100,000 more businesses started than closed. we no longer rank in the top 10 in the world among entrepreneurs. i reject -- i speak against this motion and urge that it is rejected. mr. price: i'm pleased to yield two minutes to the gentlelady from missouri, mrs. hartzler. mrs. hartzler: this bill this motion is not jermaine. it does not, it -- is not germane. it does assert it's going to increase defense spend, i share that goal. that's why the republicans passed the 2016 budget that provided for a robust level of spending for our men and women in uniform, ensuring they'd have the resources need to defend this nation. the budget provides the same amount of defense spending the president requested. both the house and senate have
5:54 pm
passed the national defense authorization act despite the no votes from almost everybody on the other side of the aisle here who are offering this amendment. now if my colleagues wanted to support our national defense, they could have done it last week by voting for the ndaa. if the president, our command for the chief, wants to support our national defense, he won't veto it like he has -- like he is saying he is going to do. but today we have a chance to help americans being hurt by the unaffordable care act. it is increasing costs, redeucing access and hurting jobs and i have just a few examples from people in my district. we have the hickory county courthouse talking about how their health insurance costs are going up, their employees are going to see and are seeing between 20% and 60% increase in premium cost with higher deductibles and out of pocket costs. another county reports the rate of the county increasing their premiums by 24%. just this week i got two emails
5:55 pm
from home and mike who is a business owner, said that, we received our hoc renewal from this insurance provider for the upcoming year. our renewable reflects a 36.2% increase. and he talked about how difficult it was to stay in business and how discouraging it was and lastly, i got one email from joanie and don i met at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago. he said since obama careless, they called it, health insurance is our biggest cost now. their whole budget is insurance premiums. they say they're bying 2.5 times the amount they're paying for their house payment just for their insurance and three brokers gave them bids, one of them had a $12,000 per year deductible. obamacare is hurting people. that's why i urge the defeat of this motion and support of our underlying bill. i yield back. mr. price: i thank the gentlelady and thank my colleagues for their
5:56 pm
observations on the nongermane nature of this motion but also on the issue itself. let me just address a couple of points that have been made by some of our friends on the other side of the aisle. there's been some concern expressed about this reconciliation bill, removing the pre-existing illness exclusion. it doesn't address that at all. it's not included. you can be -- you can note that there is no change under the pre-existing condition exclusion. i want to also talk about the concerns that some folks on the other side of the aisle have about the fact that replacement isn't included here. and you're right, it isn't. because you can't include replacement bill in the reconciliation bill. it's not allowed by the rules of econciliation.
5:57 pm
question respect fam hes and their physicianings. i want to address the notion that the economy is struggling because of the republican budget. give me a break. the fact of the matter is, this economy is struggling right now because of the policies coming ut of this administration. there are businesses that then can't create jobs and individuals have extreme difficulty realizing their dreams, pushing forward the kind of programs they believe are ost appropriate. we've seen growth rates over the ast three years come down to 2.9%, to 2.5%, to 2.3% and that's due to the republican budget? please. the regulatory oppression coming out of this administration is what's causing the economy to be in the doldrums.
5:58 pm
you know it, we know it, we urbling defeat of this motion, adoption of the republican motion and i now recognize the gentleman from maryland for two minutes to close. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. chairman. i don't have time in two minutes show the at the -- to inaccuracies in the statements made about the affordable care act but i want to make this point. it's true you're not using this to provide your alternative on health care but this hasn't passed -- this house of representatives hasn't passed through regular order any piece of legislation to replace the affordable care act. despite years an years of telling us you're not going to eliminate, you're going to replace. go ahead and use the regular order. but that hasn't been done. one thing i to agree with you on this motion to make sure we keep
5:59 pm
the government up and running doesn't have anything to do with the underlying bill. what the underlying bill is doing is wasting the time of this institution to try to repeal the affordable care act for the 62nd time, something that you know is a futile exercise, you know the president will veto this. at the same time, if it was successful it would take away affordable health care to over 16 million americans. now just to mr. woodall's point. it's interesting that here in the budget committee you would make that argument when as you well know, the way that our republican colleagues funded defense by essentially raiding the oco fund was in the words of this own committee, just last year, a violation of the budget process. so if we really want to do what mrs. hartzler said we should do, increase defense, let's also increase our investment in essential things like education
6:00 pm
and research at n.i.h. let's get together and figure out a way to do it. but if we can't come to an agreement and you're having trouble agreeing on who your leadership is going to be, so if we can't come to agreement on this, let's have a fail safe to tell the american people, we're not going to have a shutdown in the middle of december and we're not going to hurt the economy. i urge everybody to support this motion. mr. price: i thank the gentleman. the question is on the motion offered by mr. van hollen. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it. the gentleman requests the recorded vote, the clerk will all the roll. roll call]
6:01 pm
6:02 pm
roll call] mr. price: any member wish to change their votes or any home ho hasn't voted? the clerk will report. >> the yeas are 13 and the knows
6:03 pm
are 19. mr. price: the noes have it. the motion is not agreed to. >> i have a motion at the desk. the clerk: a motion offered by mr. rokita. mr. rokita moves that the chairman on the committee of the budget be provided the discretion to request the committee on rules report a rule that would make in order an amendment to the restoring america's freedom restoration act of 2015 as reported. mr. price: i recognize mr. rokita for eight minutes. mr. rokita: this is a simple motion and reaffirms the per rogtive of the chair. all this amendment does not offer any substantive policy change to the underlying bill. it has been necessary to amend reconciliation bills and we must be prepared for any contingency.
6:04 pm
there are a number of reasons that these bills get amended, whether it's for technical changes in complex legislation, which is so often the case or needs to meet one of the many house or senate budget rules. i don't want to take the entire 10 minutes. the colleagues did a wonderful way. so with that, mr. chairman, i reserve. mr. price: it's important to, i think this motion is a very general motion, but i think it preserves the budget committee's authority regardless of who is -- who was the majority party to provide for the rules committee a recommendation for any changes to a reconciliation bill as it comes through the process. as everybody knows who has looked to reconciliation bills in the past these changes have been made at the rules committee and because the budget committee is precluded from making any changes to the reconciliation
6:05 pm
bill, that's the process by which the budget committee is able to then effect any particular changes that might be desired by the committee or by the conference. so it's a very simple motion and i think it ought to be able to be supported by all. and i yield back to the gentleman. mr. rokita: and i reserve.
6:06 pm
mr. van hollen: this this is to prevent the government shutdown and create a process for doing it. we aren't going to give a go-ahead. you clearly rejected that motion. we aren't going to give our consent to whatever motion you may make on behalf of the majority. we are going to oppose that and i yield 2 1/2 minutes to ms. moore. ms. moore: thank you, mr. ranking member. the chairman and vice chairman are good friends of mine, really went through a great deal of time explaining how this kind of empty motion, futile motion and it's an embarrassment, not just to the so-called governing party but to all of us in the house. this month has been like deja vu all over again.
6:07 pm
since september 18, the house voted four times to defund planned parenthood. six in 10 americans don't want it defunded to eliminate medicaid reimbursement for abortion providers and otherwise estrict access to safe and legal abortions. it's our constitutional right to control our own bodies. we voted last week to give flexibility. and we also had a canga radio urt, the select committee to attack women's health to find evidence that doesn't exist and the chairman has admitted there is no evidence. and yet this is attack on planned parenthood is not a so truly vale attack on low-income women's health.
6:08 pm
78% of planned parenthood patients are at or below the poverty level. they are considered their ob-gyn their primary care source to be planned parenthood. and we are not just prohibiting pln planned parenthood funding. we are also once again vital parts of the affordable care act. this is the 61st vote to repeal or undermine the affordable care act. and by doing so, we are increasing the numbers of uninsured. up to 15 million and increase premiums in the individual market by 20% and you guys refuse to admit that since the a.c.a. enrollment began, the uninsured population has decreased. 16.7 million americans have
6:09 pm
gained health insurance and 129 million including 17 million children don't have to worry about being denied. colleagues, this is not a game show. this isn't a competition for how many people we can throw under the bus. there's no prize to be won by these exercises. you know it's never going to be law. . this is to undermine women's health. and i yield back. >> i thank the chairman for the hearing. ms. castor: it's very unfortunate that the van hollen motion was voted down. that was the path to avoiding a
6:10 pm
government shutdown that is looming in december and forcing us and the congress to come together and work on a budget agreement. thank you, mr. van hollen, for that very constructive proposal. this is creating great economic uncertainty. back home, i represent a zict to an air force community. they are besides themselves about the inability of the congress to move forward with a reasonable budget plan. it is now complicating the military missions of our country. they don't want another c.c. and then on the other side, medical researchers and transportation and infrastructure those important jobs that lift america are also being undercut by the unsencht
6:11 pm
created here in the congress. i'm happy this is being done in an open setting because it lays bare the two priorities. the democratic priority is to address the budget uncertainty, come together and work out a plan to avoid the government shutdown. the republican priority is to attack women's health care and intimidate planned parenthood, nonprofit clinics and the women that go there. this witch hunt continues and it's not serving the interest of our great country and beneath the dignity of this congress because what is going to happen when we come back after next week. there is a new benghazi-like select committee to continue this witch hunt. this is an all-time low. there has been an attack on women's health health for decades. what happened this summer with
6:12 pm
these manufactured, youtube videos becoming the basis of public policy in america? while all the investigations done here in the congress and in states across the country have demonstrated no wrongdoing whatsoever and we are going to waste taxpayer funds and important time on this witch hunt. i think it's very unfortunate. the approval ratings of congress are at an all-time low. and i have to say this demonstrates why this is. the so-called governing party is not focused on the great priorities of our country instead of intimidating women. i urge a no-vote and a no vote on the reconciliation package.
6:13 pm
mr. van hollen: thank you. mr. hensarling: there we go again for the 62nd time. president reagan used that over and over again. >> when i was elected, the members of my district would say over and over again, we want you down there to help fix the system. the chairman admitted that the budget has nothing to do with the economy and certainly what we are doing today has nothing to do with putting the men and women back to work. our constituents want us to do our job. do your damn job. but what we have here is a complete farce. many of the members of this room sit on armed services where we heard the leadership, generals come to us and say we need predictability. we can't plan on this.
6:14 pm
yet, what we are doing today? we are doing that. this isn't doing our job. i heard the term bipartisan. there has never been a vote since i have sat on this panel where one member voted for the other motion or underlying bill. not once. that's not bipartisan. that's not working together. all we are doing is falling back into our holes where we are. and i think the american people are disgusted with it as i am. i came here to do a job and what we are doing here today is just talking about how to take health care services from the most needy people who need it. you know, this is exactly what's wrong with congress what's going on here today. there's no chance of this bill making it into law yet we are wasting our time here and the
6:15 pm
american people need to see what's going on here. and i urge our members to look real closely to see how dysfunctional this committee and this congress is. and i urge us once and for all, let's come together and try to actually do something instead of putting out our talking points. i yield back. mr. price: i thank you for summing up today. mr. van hollen: we should be working on pressing issues. the government open and investing in the economy. we are here for the 61st time to take away health care and defund women's health care programs. we can do better. mr. price: the gentleman from indiana is recognized to close. mr. rokita: we are here because of the extraordinary leadership along with the u.s. senate who got us to a reconciliation place
6:16 pm
that we haven't been since 2001. and now we have a chance to continue reducing our deficits, work on our debt and get to some some policy provisions that are sorely needed. i think we need to do more of it. as to ms. moore's contention, in this underlying bill, we actually increase on women's health care, $235 million in fiscal year 2016 and 2017. with respect to my motion again, i think that because of this process hasn't happened every year in quite sometime that we ought to preserve our say in the process going forward and that's what this motion does. i urge committee members and all of them to support it. and i yield back. mr. price: the question is on the motion offered by mr. rokita.
6:17 pm
those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the noes have it. and a recorded vote is requested. and the clerk will call the roll. we may have to wake up our members first. [laughter] . [ roll call]
6:18 pm
6:19 pm
mr. price: any member wish to change their votes? if not, the clerk will report. the clerk: the yeas are 21 and the knows are 13. mr. price: the yeas have it and the motion is agreed to. i know some folks were not here for the first vote that each member has until the close of business today to add any statement regarding this hearing. this completes the consideration . the committee stands adjourned.
6:20 pm
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>> the c-span network features programs on politics, books and american history. saturday morning, marking the 20th anniversary of the million an march the justice or else gathering.
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ben carson discussed the importance of the constitution today at the national press club. called "a w book out more perfect union." you can see his comments tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span.
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♪ host: donald, you won't get this on the media, but donald gave -- cheers and applause] host: donald gave $20 million to he st. jude children's home. $20 million. [cheers and applause] host: could have used that $20 million for television ads but decided to give to the children of cancer. so that's donald trump. [cheers and applause] host: by the way, donald has
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more hispanics, hundreds of thousands of them, and they all ove him, believe me. donald. cheers and applause] mr. trump: trum thank you. so nice. thank you. thank you very much. they have hundreds and hundreds of people standing outside and didn't get in. they didn't get the good real estate. you got the good real estate. i feel badly. i feel badly. phil owns this hotel and been a friend of mine and did deals together and had a great success at trump international and i hope you know that hotel, the most beautiful building in las vegas, i have to say, but it's a great thing to be involved with somebody that is so talented, so
6:30 pm
smart, such a great person. and he is a great poker player. you know, i always put my money on him in a game of poker and he walks away, takes everybody's money and goes onto the next one. that's what we want. i love you, too. i love you, too. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i want to start by saying that kevin mccarthy is out, you know that? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: they are giving me redit. we need smart and we need and the whole package and it's a positive -- i like that. i like this guy. but it's bedlam in washington.
6:31 pm
it's a mess. i have been doing this for a long time. i have always been in politics. for three months, i have been a politician. it's embarrassing. i never wanted to be a politician. we are going to make our country great again. we're going to do it. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: kevin is a nice guy and i hope they find somebody that is going to have those qualities where we can negotiate and use that debt ceiling that is coming up rapidly, because if we don't, we are going to be in big trouble and going to be in very big trouble. we are in a big fat beautiful bubble and i predicted the last couple and i'm telling you we have to get our act together or are going to be greece on
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steroids. that's what is going to happen. there's nothing wrong with the republicans taking a tough stance and sticking with it. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: you know, i wrote "the art of the deal." and it is the biggest selling book all over the place. who doesn't have it? i'm coming out with a new one. you know what it's called? "crippled america." everything is rosey. make money. i'm doing one called "crippled america." we had all these titles. we had a photographer, a great book publishing. roles royce. maybe a cad lick. we want to keep it -- cadillac.
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great company and they sent this photographer and he took pictures and i'm smiling. yeah, ag hmp. like we are doing great. china is taking our jobs. we are losing to isis and don't know what we are doing. i mean, is it true? so i have all these pictures, smiling, but i had, i guess i wasn't prepared and i was nasty looking. nasty. and i said maybe we should use that picture instead of the nice pictures. i'm not going to give it to my family or anything. i have the nassiest-looking picture. because honestly for a period of time that's what we have to do. we have to put our head down and straighten out this mess. and nobody can do it like me. nobody can do it like me.
6:34 pm
honestly. i will bring our jobs back. it's very interesting. c nmp n and i'm on live. they are all live. every time, they have me on live. they make the same speech over and over and over. if i say the same thought twice i get criticized you said that three weeks ago. the military is in trouble. the vets are being treated poorly. we are going to repeal obamacare. cheers and applause] have to. we have to. we have to. we don't have a choice. look at the response that gets. and sometimes it's not the biggest response. my stance on immigration -- first of all, i met with a whole group of hispanics and what phil
6:35 pm
said, i don't know what he was going to say. i have employed thousands of hispanics. these are incredible people. incredible. my relationship is great. they did a poll and everybody probably saw the poll. i won with hispanics in the state of nevada. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: they are incredible people. i won for two reasons and one of them is they know we are going to take our jobs back and people are going to have jobs. this 5.3% is nonsense. we have close to 100 million people out of the work force. we have 50 million people that are in poverty. they consider it poverty, like third world. not as good as some of the third world. ur airports are worst than third world nations. you fly into some of these
6:36 pm
airports they are like third-world countries. i get along with these people. i don't dislike china. i have the biggest bank in the world, chinaes bank. the rent comes in, boom, like clockwork. i have tremendous relationships with mexico, with china. with everybody. the problem is we aren't being led right. when commine and japan, brazil, i mean any country, name any country if they are taking advantage of us. france. they are taking advantage of us. you know that. you know what they are doing with iran? you could name any country -- russia, that's a pretty easy one. russia. that's the one i was hoping. we don't have to say too much about russia.
6:37 pm
he is having a field day. our leaders are incompetent. they're incompetent. they're incompetent. [cheers and applause] even israel. if you look at israel. we are taking advantage of israel, because what we did with that stupid deal with iran is the worst thing that has probable happened to israel since the initial israel -- since day one, i would say maybe, maybe potentially the worst thing that has happened to israel. and i have so many jewish friends and say i don't know what happened. it's almost like what are we doing here. they support him and having fundraisers for him and they said he has treated him badly. the whole thing is crazy. he has been so bad to israel and
6:38 pm
netanyahu is a great guy. i thought he made a great speech at the united nations. you know, i was one of the few people, he asked me to make an ad for his campaign. and i take full credit for it, ok. full credit. but we have a problem with so many different things and i love talking about this to the media. do we love the media? crowd is booing] mr. trump: the level of dishonesty is incredible. not all of them, but some of them is fine. let's end it with that. but the level of honesty is in the media. they are so dishonest. i'll have a crowd like this. they never pan the room. they never pan the room. look. they never pan the room.
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[cheers and applause]
6:40 pm
>> we have become very conservative and i said to the press, i went home and my wife said, how was it? she said was the crowd big? [laughter] mr. trump: it's true. she said they had the camera on your face the entire time. they never panned the crowd. they're terrible. they're terrible. the media is terrible. i'm going to go into a whole thing. no. they're terrible. [cheers and applause] pan, look. look. they won't turn the cameras. and they won't put this part on. why don't you pan the cameras. they don't want to do that. it's terrible. [cheers and applause]
6:41 pm
my wife tells me how was the crowd in oklahoma? i said it was amazing. i thought you watched. but they never showed how many people were there. and the reporter got up. donald trump was there and made a speech in oklahoma and he left. i set every record. he was here and made a speech. little controversial. little controversial. they are dishonest people. same thing in dallas. i went to dallas and they treated me fairly good there. we had a full place and the mark cubin called me up and he said i would love you to use the place.
6:42 pm
mr. trump: remember this. remember this. and the reporter who did the story calls up my people and said, i want to meet with mr. trump. never even called me or spoke to me. is he w and ning. so yesterday morning before the story -- i won the state of
6:43 pm
florida. i was at 128 or 29. think of this. he governor of the state, bush bush is in the favor of common core, ok? that means your children are going to be educated by the bureaucrats in washington. i don't think so. i don't think so. so this reporter calls up my people. i have great people. calls up hope, i would love to speak to mr. trump. we'll work it out. and she said she didn't say we had 24 million people at the debate. the biggest audience in the history of c nmp n and fox had
6:44 pm
the biggest audience in cable and got bigger. called preliminary numbers. i know so much from "the apprentice." . was it greatest? was it greatest. you can always tell the enemy. the head of comcast came up to see me with the head of reality television and came up to my office and said, we want you to extend, we want you to -- he is one of the biggest executives. comcast owns nbc and i said i think i'm going to run and want to make our country great again. i think? he said i don't know. they had their upfronts. usually the biggest place in
6:45 pm
manhattan and announced the fall schedule. they announced that "the apprentice" is going to be extended. and it's going to be season 15 and want to go beyond that. and i said i'm going to run. if you run, stupid laws, it's called equal time. if i do "the apprentice," you have to let other people like lindsey graham do a two-hour show on television. [audience booing] mr. trump: well, we are going to take a chance, they announced and sold all of the advertising. 12 years. 15 copies. think of it and now they extend. and i'm on it and get a call from mark and you are turning
6:46 pm
down an extension, no nobody, turnings down an extension. i'm giving up a lot. and on top of it, on top of it, on top of it, i'm self-funding my own campaign and putting up my own money! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i'm the only one. it's amazing the response. people love that. the people that are controlled by the lobbyists and the special interests, i have been there. i used to give the money and i went like this. with "the apprentice," i turned t down and we get a story.
6:47 pm
they said trump, trump gets fired by nbc and know it's not true. they call up and they know, oh, liars, uch dirty rotten they are disgusting. so i gave up "the apprentice." ap we had to put down numbers and they said maybe trump won't run because that's a big thing. i announced. -- he won't sign form a. he's not going to do it. got a great family, hotel, lots of great things. they will say he will never file form arch. they said he won't file his
6:48 pm
financials. i filed. i was one of the few that filed in time. i had 100 pages and some of these guys have one pages. they were late and needed extensions and i filed on time. i filed ahead of time. and they found out that my company and phil would know because he knows my company is ch bigger, stronger and much richer. they couldn't believe it. what they did and from the day i've done this and my wife said to me and has anyone heard of my wife, two great women? and they are going to come out and campaigning soon and they believe so much and so strongly on women's health issues that
6:49 pm
bush didn't want. he didn't want to fund them. and hillary says how dare he talk about -- [laughter] mr. trump: she acted indignant. . re's a woman petraeus has a criminal record. they steroid five other people doing one tenth of what she did. and she's going to get away with it. can you believe it? they destroyed general petraeus, they destroyed his life, he is 2% of what he did. you tell me it's fair. i look forward to running against her because that is going to be a big issue, believe me. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and don't forget, she will fight very hard because the statute of limitation is six
6:50 pm
years, do you know what that means? one guy up there is laughing like hell. a republican gets in, that's going to be fair. six years. she's fighting for her life. i think the democrats are going to leave her alone and it's a corrupt system and if a republican gets in, i don't say she's guilty and have to check, but we have a six-year statute of limitation and at least there ill be a -- so she is really fighting. she is fighting for her life in a sense. and it's interesting on the very same day, she said i don't like donald trump's tone. [laughter] mr. trump: i don't like his tone. and bush said the same thing and rubio said it.
6:51 pm
i don't like donald trump's tone. and i say wait a minute. aren't we tired? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we are tired of these weak, pathetic, sad people, that don't have a clue. we are going to make the country better than its ever been before. so they said we don't like mr. trump's tone. they want to be low-key. and china, ever see china's tone. they walk through the door. believe me. i deal with them. isn't a beautiful day? the sky is so beautiful. look, mr. trump. it's all business. we want to extend lease. [laughter] mr. trump: right. there are no games, right? there's no games, no small talk,
6:52 pm
no small talk, no how's the weather, it's too bad. all business with these people. and they hit you in ways? i love china. i love the mexican people. they're great. but i deal with china and they walk in with waves of smart people. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we'll build a wall. but i will tell you, china comes in and negotiates and sitting there by yourself and 25 people across the table and every one of them is a genius. you can do deals. i asked my people, i said go back and tell me what is the trade imbalance with china? and i was surprised. i thought it was big but i didn't know it was this big.
6:53 pm
almost $400 billion. we are losing $400 billion. they devalued the currency. and taking our base and manufacturing and then on top of it. we owe them, think of this one, china is our largest creditor and japan. we owe each of them $1.5 trillion. they steal our jobs. take our money. we owe our money. all these jean uses. they take our money and we owe them money. but we owe them 1.5 trillion. we owe japan. then i said, so i was in los angeles three weeks ago and saw the biggest ships i have ever seen and cars are pouring out of hese ships from japan like the
6:54 pm
long island pressway. ey are going off the ramp, shoom, shoom, shoom. the ramp they built is this big between the borders. and they built a ramp. the wall was so small. they built a ramp and trucks going back and forth. i mean how stupid are we? how stupid. but china -- so they -- we have an imbalance with them almost $400 billion. if that's the number, it's worse than that. they say 5.3% employment. the number is probably 32%. i saw one report saying our unemployment rate is 4 %. you are right up to these numbers. so we have a 20%, 25%
6:55 pm
unemployment rate. this was done by politicians so they look good. if you stop looking for a job, they say unemployment is done, 5.3. we aren't. i wouldn'tville caught on. i wouldn't have catching on. it's not a real economy. it's a phony set of numbers. they ag cook the books. ever hear the splegs. the politicians cook the books. so what happens, i get the reports yesterday and the reports are amazing. i love polls. he talks about polls and the other people don't. and the other people are winning. i say they are losing. i said it last night on television. there may be a time when they stop talking about polls if,
6:56 pm
some of these guys have nothing. they have zero. 20,000 people, didn't have one vote. they have zero. to me, that is leading. so they said. i saw on television. he talked about it because i was in iowa yesterday. packed. packed. amazing overflow crowd. they want to see the country be strong. amazing people. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i was talking about the polls and one of the reporters, one of those live alive, - barely, barely no. no they said on television. mr. trump talked about the polls. and i thought to myself, maybe i talk about polls too much. since i came out and my wife and my daughter said you know, if
6:57 pm
you ever run, you are going to win. i said why do you say that. i said nobody thinks you are running. and before i signed my life away. you sign your life away. it takes guts to run for office. especially, especially if you're not a politician. i never did this before this, folks. these guys are senators and governors. florida, winning pig big, big, florida, florida, winning 28%, 29%. pennsylvania, big, big great important state. we love pennsylvania. i love pennsylvania. i'm there a lot. pennsylvania, i'm leading big. bringing. ohio, ohio, so the poll comes out and a great polling company, the real deal, and they just
6:58 pm
hate it. they just hate it. and i'm leading ohio and beating a good guy. kasich is a good guy. and he's here and i'm leading by a lot. and people are saying what's going on. and they have a poll coming out and i have 35%. 35%. 35%. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so we get, highest ratings in fox. heightest ratings in cnn. by the way, all the polls. and they poll everything. they poll who won the debate. "time" magazine, drudge, slate places i never heard of. and i turn on the television, donald had a bad night tonight. i say i thought i won.
6:59 pm
i thought i won. i like cnn. i think cnn is great. but i tell you, i go home and i say i'm going to watch myself. who wouldn't do it? right? then i see the pundits coming in. they don't have a clue. and they say that they didn't like it. then they said here's the beauty for 28 minutes i didn't say anything at the end and then you faded in the end. i wasn't asked any questions. i wanted to say they are so dishonest. here's what happened. for the nirs two hours, everything was me. these guys are honorable, they are rich guys. that's why they are in the first row. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i heard in the
7:00 pm
theater, fourth row is the best. but you know, they went out and they do this thing on television and i'm saying i can't understand it. and my daughter says every single polling organization says you won. but i think on the cnn debate, it was two hours. now they were -- no. no. no. it was two hours and made don't ruin my story. [laughter] mr. trump: it was a two-hour debate. two days before, what happened andt was in "variety" "hollywood reporter" -- i like them. they did a story. they took it f


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